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Pacca Alpaca

Anamil Tech are the creators of the language learning preschool brand, Pacca Alpaca, it’s our flagship brand. Our portfolio includes award winning apps and educational videos, localised in multiple languages, and launched on child appropriate platforms all over the world.

Our initial challenge was to design an engaging character that would excite our young audience. We then worked with specialist educational consultants on designing an early learning curriculum that would support our USP of language learning in a cultural setting. On developing the actual content, we worked in close collaboration with our team of game developers, artists and animators, script writers, voice over artists, sound designers and of most importance, kids! We conducted loads of user testing to ensure the little ones not only understood and retained the content, but had loads of fun in the process!

  • Gold, Mom's Choice Awards
  • App Of The Year, British Media Awards 2016 Shortlist
  • Editors' Choice - Best Apps For Kids
  • Editors' Choice - Children's Technology Review
  • Five Star Award - Educational App Store
Due to Pacca Alpaca's success, a TV series is currently in development in partnership with acclaimed award-winning children's TV production company, Sixteen South and with funding from the British Film Institute YAC Fund.   Find out more...