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Lingo Show

The Lingo Show is a British children's TV series and online world created by Nicole Seymour, produced for the BBC. The content revolves around a bug host named Lingo and his family of bugs, who each specialise in a different language. Together they travel the world and inspire preschool children to learn new languages and different cultures.

Commenting on its inception, Nicole Seymour: "When I was at BBC I discovered there was a lack of content that reflected the multi-cultural and multi-lingual profile of the CBeebies audience. I saw this as an incredible opportunity to ideate something meaningful and engaging to pitch to the Controller. I worked with an exceptionally talented team of character designers and animators, game developers and TV producers, voice actors, sound designers, language consultants, all of whom helped create this wonderful world of Lingo Show."

Initially conceived and pitched as a multi-platform brand, Lingo Show ended up having its launch online and was the 1st brand in CBeebies history to intentionally do so at that time. And due to record-breaking traffic to the CBeebies website, the TV series was then commissioned.