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Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia-based Vision Entertainment, for which Sarah Faisal is Executive Producer and Co-Founder, have announced a partnership to produce an animated television series.

The Arabic-language television series will centre around dates, the traditional Arab fruit, and will showcase the cultural and historic treasures of Saudi Arabia and the wider Arab region. The project, tentatively titled Tamr, is currently in pilot production with production slated to begin in 2021.

Commenting on the partnership, Sarah Faisal: "We set out to create iconic characters that are rooted in our traditions and culture. The palm is such a big part of our history and heritage and the date is a ubiquitous staple in our homes, so we decided to bring the world of dates to life in a fun animated series for the whole family. We are creating this series to embody our rich heritage and culture and hope audiences of all ages across the region will relate to its authentic, homegrown story."

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